Wakeham’s Expedition, 1897
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Fort Chimo Ashe Inlet Big Island Diana In Ice Wakeham1897 Kekerten Island Blacklead Island
Blacklead Island Inuit onboard the Diana at Blacklead Island, 1897. [LAC, C-084690, photo: Graham Drinkwater]
Kekerten Island Wakeham and his men making the first proclamation on behalf of the Dominion government, claiming the Arctic for Canada at the whaling station on Kekerten Island, August 1897. Wakeham is second from the right. [LAC, C-084686, photo: Graham Drinkwater]
Wakeham1897 Wakeham and officers in caribou clothing aboard the Diana. Wakeham is second from the right. [LAC C-084703, photo: Graham Drinkwater]
Diana In Ice Diana in ice off Nottingham Island. [NRCan 2199, photo: AP Low]
Big Island Diana with Rudder crushed off Big Island[LAC a-038232, photo: AP Low]
Ashe Inlet Observation Station building at Ashe Inlet still standing when Wakeham visited in 1897. [LAC C0084677, photo: Graham Drinkwater]
Fort Chimo Fort Chimo [NRCan 2233, photo: AP Low]