Moodie’s Expedition, 1904-05
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map1904 FullertonHarbour M Division Women Artungelar
Artungeler Artungelar delivered a request to the ships from Norwegian Roald Amundsen for sled dogs in March 1905. Amundsen was wintering aboard the Gjøa on King William Island north of Hudson Bay. He was conducting studies on the Magnetic North Pole, during his three year voyage through the Northwest Passage. Artungelar returned to Amundsen on March 26, 1905, with dogs, letters, and newspapers from Moodie, Comer and Bernier. Artungelar shattered his right hand on the way to Fullerton, yet made the return trip in half the time of his trip to Fullerton, arriving at King William Island on May 20, 1905. [LAC, C-000685]
Women Geraldine photographed these three women. [LAC-C-089352]
M Division Members of the RNWMP’s “M” Division at Fullerton Harbour, 1905
Back (left to right): Consts. Verity, Sellars, Heaps, Sgt. Nicholson, Stohart; Centre (left to right): Sgt. Jarvis, Donaldons, Const. Russell, McMillan, Alex Moodie; Front (left to right): Interpreter Joe Lane, S/Sgt. Hayne, Supt. Moodie, Insp. Pelletier, S/M Dee, H. Ford; Seated on ground: Sgt. D. MacArthur. Const. Joseph Russell drowned in canoeing accident a few hours after the Arctic left Fullerton Harbour in July 5, 1905.
Fullerton Harbour, 1905 This photograph of the entire Arctic’s expedition company was taken by Geraldine Moodie on May 12, 1905.[LAC-C-34479]