Bernier’s Expeditions, 1906-07, 1908-09, 1910-11
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map1909 Canada Point Pond Inlet Proclamation Parry's Rock Bernier's Proclamation Arctic in Ice Bernier and Moffat Rowboat
Two of the Arctic’s expedition men with one of the ship’s dories, Arctic Bay, 1910-11.[LAC C-52318]
Bernier & MoffatBernier and Moffat, 1910-11
Capt. Bernier and Flavien Moffet aboard the Arctic, 1910. Mr. Moffet is not noted as crew on the 1910 expedition.[LAC, C-006674]
Arctic in iceThe Arctic in ice. [PA -207174]
Bernier's ProclamationProclamation
Copy of Bernier’s Proclamation certifying his men had been to Dealy Island and repaired Kellett’s store house, July 12, 1909.
Parry's RockProclamation at Parry’s Rock
Members of the 1908-09 expedition posing in front of Parry’s Rock, Winter Harbour on Melville Island, after Capt. Bernier’s sweeping proclamation claiming the entire Arctic Archipelago on Dominion Day, July 1, 1909. Bernier stands front and centre with the baby muskox they brought back with them. [LAC, C-001198]
Proclamation, 1906Proclamation 1906
Capt. Bernier (at the back, left of the flag), his crew, and a group of Inuit claiming Baffin Island for Canada at Pond Inlet, on the King’s birthday, November 9, 1906.
[LAC, PA-165672]
Pond InletPond Inlet
Whaling station at Pond Inlet, September 1906, Bernier is to the right of the barrels. Bernier renamed this station Berniera after purchasing the property in 1910.
[LAC, PA-39395]
Canada PointProclamation at Canada Point
Men claiming Baffin Island at Canada Point, Bylot Island. The man seated to the left of the cairn is chiselling ‘Arctic’ into the large rock, August 21, 1906.
[LAC, PA-139394]