Who were these people? Where did they come from and where did they go after these expeditions?

The history of these early Dominion Government Arctic expeditions was uncovered in archival material, old newspapers, original expedition reports, and explorers’ firsthand accounts. But there is more to these stories than could be found at the archives and in old newspapers. If you can contribute any details about these expeditions, you will be helping to fill in a piece of our Canadian History.

~ Are you aware of anyone in your family – a great great grandfather or uncle or distant cousin – who may have been involved in some capacity on one of these expeditions?

~ Have you heard stories passed down from a member of one of these expeditions, or from family members of local people who may have encountered these expeditions?

~ Do you recognize any of the men or women in the photographs on this site?

If you have any information that may add to this website, please email

S.L. Osborne